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      How much traffic is your website receiving? If your site is not receiving Hundreds or Thousands of hits per day you will not receive any leads from your site!

    Real Estate is dependent on numbers as well, the more clients you show property to the closer you are to writing an offer, the more sellers you interview with the closer you are to taking another listing, the more flyers you mail out the closer you are to receiving a call from your efforts.

    Like Real Estate the Internet is loaded with competition. You must have traffic incoming to your site in order for your site to be successful. Without traffic you are wasting money in developing fancy websites and paying for the monthly hosting.

    We specialize in Link Generation, it's all that we do. AdLinkRE will submit your Banner to top rated Real Estate Sites. Your Banner will show on the MAIN page of each site in rotation. Once again, your banner will be on the main page of all sites we submit to, not on sub pages.

      6/23/2008 AdLinkRE.com procures a major expired domain resulting in several thousand links.

    4/16/2008 AdLinkRE.com joins the LinkedRE.com Link Generating Network

    1/15/2008 AdLinkRE.com signs partnership deal with two new National Real Estate Sites.

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    Free Search Engine Submission

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